How We Can Help:

With the onset of the COVID-19 virus, the most important thing right now is that we are safe and with our families. That being said, there are many families and individuals who are in the process of needing to sell their homes and others who are looking for a place to call home, selling and buying is very much a necessity for many at this time. 99% of our business moving forward will be managed remotely and with the use of technology. We will be working from home at this time and will be available per usual via email, text and phone. It may not be the first choice to take this distant approach, but as a full service agent connection with clientele is incredibly important, yet it is entirely possible and viable, and we are grateful for the flexibility. As you are daily having to shift the process of your lives to accommodate your needs with this new challenge, we too at RE/MAX Camosun are also making the necessary shifts to meet our clients needs.

It is almost business as usual, and we have created protocols and strategies to get our jobs accomplished to meet our clients pressing needs while being thoughtful of the bigger picture in question right now. And we assure you that all of the ancillary companies and businesses that work in conjunction with us to successfully do this are also working virtually and through technology along with us to help our clients meet their goals.

Regular Open Houses have been cancelled, but we will continue to have property showings upon request. We will ensure that both buyers and sellers are protected within this process. Through precautionary measures we will directly educate and inform everyone involved in the showing prior to entering a home with protocols and strict procedures that will keep everyone safe. Of course no one that has recently travelled or showing symptoms will be permitted to preview a home. Only the Agent will handle doors, switches or any surface areas and sanitary measures will be taken. Communication about the home will be continued outside of the home after the viewing.

We are also exploring and exercising digital methods of previewing homes as a secondary option. Through successful and viable professional 3-D tours and video conferencing we are able to meet the needs of both parties in the sales process and maintain the safety of the client and property.

If you or anyone you know requires any market information, has questions or concerns we are here to make you the most informed at this time. It is our pleasure to do so!

In the interim, take advantage of this valuable time to be with those that are most important. Turn off the noise and the chaos, and make these moments more meaningful for you and your family.


Lisa Eilers
RE/MAX Camosun